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The full automatic power frequency induction heater of Changzhou JunTai Comp


      With the rapid development of domestic auto industry, the import of Chinese auto industry gets an opportunity, especially under the influence of the European debt crisis. Changzhou JunTai Machine Science and Technology Co., Ltd. keeps up with the international and domestic economic situation to launch the full-automatic induction heater program suitable to auto industry assemble line. At present, the Company has successfully provided most of the domestic auto industries with matched equipment and provided the shrunk-on machines applicable to modern assembly lines. It also offers the gearbox industry new multiple-station full-automatic induction heater and non-standard rapid induction heater for vehicle axle industry.

      In regard with the special need of domestic auto industry assembly lines, the Company has listened carefully to the feedback of customers and makes modifications and improvements constantly. Great progress has been made in terms of the appearance, continuous heating performance, convenience of maintenance, floor area, operational ergonomics, etc. At present, the Company has taken over 70% of the market share of auxiliary equipment transformation of auto industries. It has remarkably improved the interference assembly technology of auto industry.

     Changzhou JunTai Machine Science and Technology Co., Ltd. will adhere to its principle of appropriateness, high-quality, high-efficiency and honesty and provide the customers with products and services of best quality. It will spare no efforts to make innovation and provide the whole shrunk-on industry with normative industrial standard. It will create great economic and social benefits for the customers, enterprises, employees and the society.




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